Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Stocking Your Kitchen with Equipment and Tools

A lot of people ask what my favorite and most used kitchen tools are. Seeing how there are so many advertised and confusing items on the market, I’ve composed a short list of my most utilized and accessible tools in the kitchen. This list is derived from a compilation of years working in professional kitchens while serving the masses and using everything under the sun. Starred are the most essential things, but I highly recommend it all if you can. Instead of spending tons of money at big named retail stores on kitchen equipment, make sure to check out used kitchen supply stores and or other similar online sites for better deals. I wish we all could have the accessibility to a restaurant kitchen’s equipment, but if we have to cut it down to fit in our home kitchens and budgets, these items will definitely give you a head start.

*6” & 10” Wutshof Chef’s Knife (if you only can have one, I recommend the 8” Chef’s Knife)
*Sharpening Steel
Metal Fish Spatula
*High Temperature Rubber Spatulas
*Wooden Cutting Board (or a sturdy rubber/plastic one)
Tons of kitchen towels for cleaning and hot items
*Digital Meat thermometer
*10” Stainless Steel/Aluminum Core Sauté Pan
8” Aluminum Sauté Pans
4-Quart Stainless Steel Pot
Little ceramic/glass bowels for prepped ingredients
Glass/Metal Mixing Bowls
Pepper Grinder
Food Mill
Fine and Medium Sieve
Hand Blender

If you have favorite tools that I haven’t listed, please add them on via comments!

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