Friday, March 21, 2008

How'bout a Friday Night with Some Cheese and Wine?

It's time for California Table's monthly extravaganza! We're thinking of a night that's casual, fun, interactive, and free-flowing. And, of course, learning about cheese and wine from the pros. Our friend, Jeff Cohlman, who happens to work at Cowgirl Creamery, will be there talking about the 5 artisanal cheeses we're offering along with our Sommelier and wine maker, Aaron Luna, who will be talking wine talk (this guy is a wine genius!).

The first hour will be time for all of us to move about from cheese station to cheese station while accompanied by our wine glasses. Delicious, seasonal food (that just happens to have wonderful cheese in it, as well) will also be available to practice our new pairing techniques. Now you can pair Braised Shortribs Sugo and pasta with the appropriate wine.

To end the night, everyone will be making and stretching their own mozzarella! Samples from the class, as well as your mozz, will be available to take home with you so you can continue your cheese and wine tour well after you've left.

Tickets are $74. Join us at 6pm and stay until you're ready to go.

Email us at for reservations.

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alison said...

hope you get to do this one again - although i'll keep my eye on your classes - would love to come and check out.....